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With unprecedented access to the Bow River, Quarry Park offers over 90 acres of parks and pathways that connect throughout the community. The design is part of a strategic plan to reduce vehicular congestion and to be bicycle and pedestrian friendly. At Quarry Park, residents who live and work in the community can walk or cycle to work. Punctuating the development's focus on natural spaces is a 50 acre environmental reserve connected to the community and Calgary's renowned pathway system.

Since inception, Quarry Park has been making an environmental impact and statement with many important accomplishments. An example of this would be the use of recycled materials in Quarry Park construction such as demolished and crushed asphalt, concrete and aggregate from roads, parking lots and buildings. Quarry Park West, an office building home to Remington Development Corporation, is a LEED® Gold Certified building and boasts a green roof. All Quarry Park buildings currently under construction are being constructed to LEED® standards. And Quarry Park employs an innovative process for stormwater management including a linear pond and creek system that transports and cleans water before it flows back into the Bow River. Just some of the accomplishments that prove, It’s Always Green in Quarry Park.

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